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The period of the zodiac Capricorn extends between December 22 and January 19 when the Sun traverses through it. This is the tenth sign in the zodiac cycle.

They are self-interested people who are termed as introverts. They are very strict and disciplined in life and make great managers in profession. They are generally found to have big families among all the zodiacs.

Their natives are hard working and down-to-earth. They are one of the most stable and serious of the zodiac natives. Though not creative, they are reliable and practical and hate taking risks. They are very economical and are known to make great plans that really work.

Ruling Planet : Saturn

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn also co-rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Saturn is said to be a very hard taskmaster. It helps us to learn life's lessons the hard way. In a sense, it is a limiting planet. Sometimes it is termed as a planet of misfortune. It hinders and delays all our aspirations and make us perspire a lot to achieve targets in life. Saturn makes its natives, they are to be very hard workers in life. It makes them to be quite prefect though.

Ruling Planet       :saturn Saturn
Ruling House       :10'th House
Element       : Earth Earth

Birth Stone       : Garnet
About Garnet       Garnet
Buy Gemstone       : Garnet

The Season (December 22- January 19)

The season of Capricorn is a busy time in our calendar. It is filled with holidays, with Christmas and New Year coming within. The season is at its best a time for introspection and reflection on our lives. It helps us to be content with our successes, and make changes for the New year ahead. This is a period when we would learn from our mistakes. Also a time to thank our well-wishers. A generally feel-good time for all natives across the zodiac.


Who climbs and schemes for wealth and place?

And mourns his brothers fall from grace,

But takes what's due??      It is the Capricorn!!!

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Capricorn is one of the constellations of the zodiac and belongs to the 88 modern constellations known to mankind till date. According to astrology the Sun resides in this constellation between December 22 and January 19. This constellation was first described by Ptolemy.

The name of the constellation comes from the Latin word "Capricornus" which means the horned Goat- a mythical creature that is half goat and half fish. This constellation lies in the Northern Hemisphere and lies between Sagittarius to the east and Aquarius in the west. This constellation would be clearly seen from Europe during the mornings in September.

The constellation of this is an old one and is said to be found during the Middle Bronze age. This constellation is a very faint one, but still has a host of stars to boast of. They are alpha star, Deneb Algedi, Denebola, Nashira and Giedi.

Meteor showers

The Alpha Capricornids are the Meteor showers that belong to the constellation of Capricorn and are active in July -August. They vary in strength between 3rd July and the 15th of August and usually peak on the 30th of July. This Meteor shower is visible on either sides of the equator. This is not a strong meteor shower and would produce only about five members in an hour. However this is noted for the bright fireballs produced.

The Goat

The Mountain Goat is the symbol of the zodiac sign of Capricorn. This is an animal that lives on mountain peaks. It is tuned to endure the rough conditions on high altitudes and climbs lofty heights without retreating. Much like the Mountain Goat, the Capricorn natives are very enduring, they toil till their ambitions are met.

Capricorns are sure-footed, they take one step at a time and do not retract from their path even when obstacles face them head-on. Do note that the clime at the peaks would be very stable and sure without much competition though. Capricorns like the goat are known for their resilience and ability to work hard all day long. They are also stubborn like the goat.

Capricorns are very self-disciplined in life and do not yield to surrounding temptations. They do not take risks in life, rather take the hard way up the ladder and hence are better represented by the Goat.

The Glyph

The Glyph of this zodiac sign is a very complex figure. It has a combination of straight lines that represent the rational nature of the Capricorns. The glyph consists of a crescent that denotes their emotional side and a circle that represents the spiritual nature of the Capricorns.


The Age of Capricorn was better called as the Age of Reason, the Age of Enlightenment or the Age of Philosophers in most of Europe. During this age the Ching Dynasty flourished in China. Great philosophers like Sir Isaac Newton, Adam Smith and Descartes lived during this age.

The this Age it saw Monarchies being formed in Europe. The British Commonwealth was formed around the same time. Republican forms of government sprouted across Europe and the French Revolution was the last nail during this age of Capricorn. All classical forms of art and music also flourished as the Age of Capricornians proceeded.

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In various civilisations

In the Middle East, Capricorn is given various mythological associations. It is represented as a half fish and half goat creature. It was called the Goat-Fish before 1000 BC. During the Bronze age the Capricorn period marked the Winter solstice. Capricorn was also associated with the God by name Ea who was residing under the ocean and who came out every day to look over the land and returned every night to his abode.

The Egyptians and Chinese associated this Age with the rainy season. Being followed by Aquarius- the water bearer and Pisces the fish is relevant to this theory.

The Greeks considered Capricornian as half man and half goat by name Pan, which was the son of Hermes and a Nymph. Pan was later given responsibility of taking over the sheep and became a shepherd. It is said that Pan did not return to Olympus, instead stayed on the mountains and played his pipes all day long.

In Celtic Astrology, This is considered as the God of the Wicco who represented fertility, the flocks and forests. This was also considered to give life to all and held the keys to death and resurrection.

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capricorn Mancapricorn Woman

The Capricorns who are inherited with the feeling of insecurities and fears are rarely more apparent than when they fall in love. Untill and unless they get clear and true signal of love from the other partner they will never express their true feelings of love fearing that they would be neglected. This is even an order for the most ardent of lovers also.

Once they confirm that the love for them from the other partner is true then they become very affectionate allowing their sensuality to flow freely. They are very loyal and faithful as long as the love and security from the partners are intact. With the true love they are very satisfied forever, thus being morally good to them. But they never let it go smoothly if relationship gets strained for they feel ashamed to admit defeat and wants to be loved again. So people of this zodiac sign never ignore a partner even when love has died but they can become bitter, cold and vindictive. Thus Capricorns makes loyal, caring partners who fight hard to make a relationship work.



(December 22- Jaunary 19)
  Symbol : The Goat
  Ruling planet : Saturn
  Element : Earth
  Ruling House : 10th House
  Body parts : Bones, Knees
  Ideal Jobs : Teacher, Doctors, Lawyers
  Gem Stones : Garnet  
  Trees : pine
  Herbs : Comfrey, Knapweed
  Flower : Lvy, Pansy
  Lucky day : Saturday
  Colour : Black, Dark Brown, Gray
  Number : 8 and 2
  Nature : Negative
  Quality : Cardinal
  Trait : Steadiness
  Keywords : Prudent, Aspiring, Calculating
  Keyphrase : I Use
  Metal : Silver
  Countries : India, Mexico, Slovenia
  Energy : Yin
  Principle : Crystallization
  Cities : Oxford, Delphp, Mexico City