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Love Life of Capricorn

The Capricorns who are inherited with the feeling of insecurities and fears are rarely more apparent than when they fall in love.Untill and unless they get clear and true signal of love from the other partner the Capricorns will never express their true feelings of love fearing that they would be neglected. This is even an order for the most ardent of lovers also.


Once they confirm that the love for them from the other partner is true then they become very affectionate allowing their sensuality to flow freely. Capricorns are very loyal and faithful as long as the love and security from the partners are intact. With the true love they are very satisfied forever, thus being morally good to them. But they never let it go smoothly if relationship gets strained for they feel ashamed to admit defeat and wants to be loved again. So people of this zodiac sign never ignore a partner even when love has died but they can become bitter, cold and vindictive. Thus Capricorn makes loyal, caring partners who fight hard to make a relationship work.


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